Old Fashioned Cocktail Mix
Old Fashioned Cocktail Mix
Old Fashioned Cocktail Mix
Old Fashioned Cocktail Mix
Old Fashioned Cocktail Mix
Old Fashioned Cocktail Mix

Old Fashioned Cocktail Mix

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1 Bottle = 250ml | Makes 5 drinks
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The simple and iconic Old Fashioned is right at the top of our recommended whiskey cocktails. Old Fashioned are great sipping drinks and one of the best ways to get to know a whiskey. Classic aromatic bitters (non-alcoholic), palm sugar and orange oils, make the Old Fashioned cocktail mix a partner in crime to bourbon, rye, and an old friend. It’s a drink that acts its age, unlike some of us (ahem, ahem).

  • Made with real ingredients that actually go into cocktail making!  
  • 100% Vegetarian (Eggless)
  • Non- Alcoholic (0% ABV)
  • >3% added sugar! #Guiltfree 
  • Resealable cap bottle
  • Just add Ice and Whisk8y/ Bourb*n or Dark R*m. It's ready!!

Pack of 4 includes: 4 bottles (4x250ml) Old Fashioned Mix. + Eco Friendly Bar Kit  with 4 coasters & 2 Bamboo stirrers) worth ₹200 1 Bottle of Old Fashioned makes 5 cocktails!

Pack of 8 includes 4 coasters and 2 bamboo stirrers



250 ml bottle of Old Fashioned mix makes 2 cocktails


Real, aromatic bitters


and other synonyms for great taste

whAt you neEd to make a dRink

Whiskey, Rye Whiskey or Bourbonn of your choice

A Whiskey glass

And Some ice

And a orange peel to garnish(100% optional)

What's in the mix?

Classic Aromatic Bitters

Palm Sugar


Put the old back in old-school drinking

with something new and fuss-free

Old Fashioneds are meant to be stirred not shaken.

We repeat: stirred, not shaken

What diFfereNce dOes the choiCe of liqUor maKe?

Let us sweat over the small stuff like the nuances of taste, so you don't have to.

If you choose to make your drink with rye, you'll taste just a teeny bit of pungency and spice.

Bourbon brings with it a caramel-y, vanilla-like sweetness.

And if the classics aren't for you, mix it up with some scotch or even your regular whiskey for an ace drinking experience.