Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! All Tipsy Tiger mixes are non-alcoholic and fuss-free

There are no right answers to this question. You do you! Feel free to add anywhere between 30-60ml as per your taste (and tolerance) for alcohol.

Ans: Yes, you can! Tipsy Tiger mixes taste exceptional just by themselves and we totally recommend trying them without alcohol. Except the Old Fashioned Mix! That tastes best only when served with

Ans: Yes, we highly recommend it. Tipsy Tiger mixes taste best when chilled.

Definitely refrigerate them once they're opened. Unlike the fruit that's overstayed its welcome in your fridge, consume our mixes within 7 days of opening them

Tipsy Tiger mixes are made for sharing! Each 250ml bottle of Orange Mojito Mix, Whiskey Sour Mix and Bloodiest Mary mix makes 2 delicious cocktails. And a 250ml bottle of the Old Fashioned mix makes 5 amazing drinks

You don't need to! We've added the finest, non-alcoholic, aromatic bitters to both these mixes. We call ourselves fuss-free for a reason (wink, wink).

All our mixes are sugar-conscious and have very low sugar. Allow us to get into the specifics of this random-sounding fact:

The Whiskey Sour, the Old Fashioned and the orange mojito Mix have less than 3% added sugar. The Bloodiest Mary Mix has less than 5% added sugar.

We believe in great taste, but we also believe in conscience-filtered authenticity.

Good question! We started by making our own cocktails too. But let's be honest, on some nights all we want to do is spend time chilling after work. We don't want to use our energy to gather ingredients and put them together. Especially, at times like these when we barely get to meet our friends (Lockdown number what?). It's why we started Tipsy Tiger to take the fuss and the 'work' out of chilling and put the fun back into it. Apart from this, our mixes taste great and are made with the best ingredients. Give us a try. We're a lazy-friendly alternative, totally fuss-free, and all our mixes come with twists we wouldn't want you to miss.

All our mixes are totally vegetarian. Our Whiskey Sour mix is eggless (it's made with a plant based substitute) and our Bloodiest Mary Mix has the green-dot version of Worcestershire sauce

We suggest you let your spirits loose, experiment and create cocktails that you like. At the same time, here are some classic combinations that we wouldn't want you to miss:

-Rum, Gin, Vodka and Tequila with the Orange Mojito Mix

-Vodka and white Rum with the Bloodiest Mary Mix

-Whiskey, Rum, Gin with the Whiskey Sour Mix

-Whiskey with the Old Fashioned Mix.

Firstly, in yourself.

Secondly, on leading online retail sites like (add links of sites here where mixes can be found) and in select offline retail stores like (add hyperlinks/lists of stores where Tipsy Tiger mixes can be found).

Yes, they can be consumed by minors as mocktails. Our mixes are non-alcoholic and contain ingredients that ready-to-drink beverages or juices do. However, we'd recommend only legal drinking-aged adults to consume our mixes as a part of cocktails.

Ans: You definitely can. As we say, the more, the merrier (and tipsier). Email us on

We can and would love to make weddings, cocktail parties and corporate events tipsy AF.

110% Indian!

Tipsy Tiger is just a regular guy who's looking to escape the madness of the world by letting his spirits loose with his friends. He's a version of us all who works hard all day, has a great sense of humour and doesn't shy from experimentation.